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    I have a drop out ring mold with a base. I fused the piece then placed it on top of the mold. All of the glass went to the bottom of mold. Any suggestions?

    My slumping schedule was: 300 to 900 hold 15 min, 200 to 1275 hold 15, full to 960 hold 45 min,

    200 to 700 hold 15 mi, full to 100 0 hold.

    I would send an image but unable


    In my kilns, 1275 would be too hot. Try 1225-1250, and *watch* the process as the temp nears 1200. With things like drop molds, you can’t just set a schedule and walk away — you have to observe when you get close to the processing temp and then kick the kiln into its annealing schedule when the glass is where you want it to be.

    Additionally, 900 is really too low (IMO) for a temp to “even out” the heat in the glass. I typically do 30 minutes at 1100. At that point, you may already begin to see movement in the glass.


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    Dana, thank you. In my research I have found this out. I appreciate the feedbackI will definetly try this approach.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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