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    Hi. I’m a relatively new fuser. I have Paul Tarlow’s book on Drop Out Vessels and have created four successful drops of two layer projects dropped between 4 and 5 inches using his advice and firing schedules. I recently made my first mesh melt into a round stainless steel mold intending to use it for a drop vase. But I must have miscalculated the glass because it is almost 16 mm thick! So I’m looking for advice. Here are the details:
    1. My drop ring is an 8 inch exterior and a five inch interior
    2. My kiln is a HobbyFuser so it is only 7.8 inches inside. I think I can do a six inch drop but it will put the glass really close to the elements.
    3. My glass blank (mostly transparent blue with some small amounts of opaque white) is 16mm thick and 7 and 1/8th wide. It also has some rough texture on one side that I assume will smooth out in the drop process (but please correct me if that is wrong).

    I’m wondering if it’s crazy to try and continue with the drop vase idea with a blank this thick and that close to the elements? Will it even stay on the drop ring (on fiber paper) with just over a 1 inch rim? Is it just a recipe for disaster? If I was going to try the drop vase what do I need to know?

    Or would you recommend I just fire it again flat on the shelf so it spreads out and slump it into a bowl and try again for a new blank to drop? What kind of a schedule would you recommend for that? (I’m assuming a full fuse schedule with a long soak and a slower ramp???)

    Thanks SO MUCH for any help you can give.

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