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    I need to be able to drill numerous holes in mainly pre fused 3mm glass and I need 3mm holes. What is the best tool for this? I have read various reviews re Dremels – some good, some not so good. Any advice would be welcome please.


    I really like my Dremel tool with a long wand attached.  Then I use a diamond hollow core bit from https://lascodiamond.com/LascoProducts-CoreDrills.html  They have a 2.7mm bit for $8.00 each but they’re worth the money.  And of course the bit head and the glass being drilled must be surmerged in cold water to keep the glass from breaking.  If the grinding is deep I recommend working the bit in and out a bit to allow the water to cool and letting the bit do all the work (being patient) without putting any pressure on the tool.


    Windows listen attentively for the sound of broken glass.


    I make a lot of wind chimes so I do a lot of drilling.  Go to “Harbor Freight” and buy an inexpensive drill press.  You can get one for about $50 using a 25% coupon.  Then, get a 3mm hollow core diamond drill bit (personally I usually use a 5mm).  Then get a shallow container that will hold water, a small sponge, and a piece of glass or tile to put below the sponge (to keep you from drilling through the container if it is made of plastic.)  Put just enough water to cover glass as it sits on top of the sponge, and you can drill holes all day long.  You can drill a hole in about 15 seconds.


    When drilling holes (especially with a drill press), PLEASE make sure you are drilling on fired glass with smooth edges only, if you plan on using your hands to hold the glass. Otherwise, clamp the glass down with a vice.

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