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    I have been successfully drilling holes in flattened glass bottles using a dremel with the 2′ extension wand, a diamond core drill bit, and a “drill buddy” filled with water to hold the bottle. Recently I had a bottle that was thicker than normal and I couldn’t drill all the way through the bottle because the “core” of the bit filled up with glass before the hole was all the way through. I cleaned the core, but then had trouble finishing the hole because I couldn’t see clearly how to get the drill bit back in the hole.

    I’m not very sophisticated with this (as you can probably tell…) Two questions:

    1. Can I insert the drill bit back into the hole BEFORE I restart the dremel or does the dremel have to be on before I can put it back into the hole?

    2. I have searched online for diamond core bits and it seems that they range in diameter from 1/4 inch to well over an inch, but I can’t find any information that tells me the measurement of the depth of the bit. Anyone know how I can tell how “deep” the core of a bit is?

    Thanks for your help!



    I have drilled a few holes where the core bit fills with glass quickly. The smaller bits are the worst have to have the core cleaned out reguarly or it will not drill well. Sometimes a piece of glass will get stuck at the very edge of the bit and prevent drilling. I am not sure why you can not see the hole you have started drilling but perhaps you can mark it with a crayon to help you see it.

    I would start the drill at lowest speed before inserting it back in the hole since will help prevent the bit (and glass too) from breaking and prove to be an easier start. A core bit should be able to drill its length as long as it is kept clean. Also take in mind that these bits loose their cutting ability when the diamonds start to wear. I believe my last bit wore out after about 20 holes, maybe less.


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    Hi Keith,

    Thanks for the response. The reason I can’t see the hole is because the neck of the bottle is under water. If I pull the drill bit out to clean the core and then re-start the drill before I re-insert the bit into the started hole, the water swirls from the speed of the bit and I can’t see to get the bit back into the hole correctly and it results in the edge of the hole getting badly chipped. That’s why I was asking if you can re-insert the bit into the hole before starting the drill up again.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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