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    Hi! Can anybody give me an idea of how to display pendants at an art sale? This is my first time selling. I’ve got a booth and table.

    The pendants will be sold without necklaces. Some will have bails and others will not. * I have not bought all of my bails because I wasn’t expecting this sale to happen. It had been postponed and now it’s back on.

    I do not want the pendants crowded together in a container. They won’t be easily seen if I do, and they might get scratched, too. I want to be able to keep an eye on things and record which ones are best sellers. I figure I can take pictures of the pendants in advance of the show, place a number on their backs and keep a list. ? I thought maybe I should use a big board (sturdy cardboard) covered in a soft velvet or pretty fabric for displaying them upon. The board would have holes or slits to string (ribbon or cord) the pendants. The pendant’s strand would be secured around the back of the board (wrapped around a tack pin or tied and tacked). I thought it would be a good idea to set a lamp and mirror on the table. ? This will help the person see more clearly its detailing. Would placing those without bails into a plastic fishing or bead box (divider spaces) work?         

    Thanks for your suggestions!


    Might I suggest that you use fiber board? It’s fairly cheap (about $5 for a 4×4 piece at the hardware), sturdier than cardboard,  and you can put pins in it or hooks. It’s also not terribly heavy, but can take some abuse.

    At the craft/art shows I frequent, many of the artists cover cardboard, foamboard, plywood or use jewelry display cases (they have lots of velvet-lined boxes within the case). I’m sure there are lots of other suggestions out here.

    I live near a local cabinet maker who sells drawers for a couple of dollars. I get the shallow ones, put in dividers and put black velvet “pillows” on the bottom of each space to set off the work.  Right now, I’m just protecting my work; when I get some courage (and a few more pendants), I’ll be set for a show.


    We use these in the studio:

    jewelry stand

    Here is a drawing (without the finishing nails that stick out of the poles):


    jewelry stand

    The base is a $1 wooden plaque from Michael’s.  The posts are dowels.  The small hangers sticking out of the posts are finishing nails from Home Depot.

    Simply drill two holes in the base for the poles.  Add the finishing nails to the poles before gluing them into the base.

    I finish the whole thing with flat black Chaulkboard Paint from Michaels and then coat it with low gloss Armor All it for a nice finish that wipes down well.

    Helios Kiln Glass Studio



    Fome-core (available at Michaels or Staples) covered with black satin. Use the metal U shaped holders (available very cheap at any fixture outlet).

    This is very flexible as to shape and design.

    Barry Kaiser



    I used a piece of thin styrofoam, covered it with black fabric, and framed it in a black frame (without the glass, obviously). This allows me to use tiny pins to attach my pendants in whatever layout I choose. My neckwires are next to the frame on a stand. 



    I ordered some small jewelry displays from Kassoy then attached them to the dowels

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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