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    I am a fused glass beginner. I have done stained glass work in the past and have some pieces of stained glass from that time. Can I use fuse pieces from one sheet of stained glass together? Is there a difference between glass for fusing and stained glass? I know about using glass of the same COE and not intermixing them. I thought using my left over stained glass (cutting pieces from one sheet) might be a good way to learn how to do some of the projects I am interested in trying.


     You can (almost) always fuse a piece of glass to itself.  Not all glass holds up well at fusing temperatures though — dramatic color changes (including going from transparent to opaque) and devitrification (scum forming on the surface) are not uncommon.

    I have seen streaky glasses come apart after fusing — that was likely caused by the COE of one or more colors in the streaky shifting away from the rest of the glass.

    When in doubt, test :)

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    Since I will just be practicing, I will go ahead and try using it. That will be a good way to start.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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