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    I’ve been making small tempered glass bowls in a mini kiln.  They were all fine except the most recent one.  The only difference was that I used hairspray to hold frit in place.  The piece fired with significant brown staining, especially in the bottom of the bowl.  The stains only appear on the air side which had the hairspray.  I used white rain, un scented aerosol.  Was it the hair spray or something else that turned it brown? I did hold the piece 5 minutes longer than the others at the same top temp. Thanks if you can help





    I use the same hair spray and have not had a problem.


    I typically use non-aerosol. I wonder if the additives in the aerosol are causing the problem.

    Dana W.

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    There is a reaction between the propellants and the glass at high temps. It is best to use non-aerosol hairspray. Elmers glue (white or clear) works well in very small amounts to secure small pieces. Make sure to let it dry completely (at least overnight) before firing. There are also specialty products for securing frit (in spray form).


    I’ve used hairspray (all kinds – almost always aerosol) for many years and never had a problem.

    I’d like to know more about the “reactions between propellants and the glass at high temps”.   Looking at the ingredients for Aqua Net (http://goo.gl/9k1aP) everything seems to fall into one of three categories:

    – very flammable (ether alchohol)

    – polymer/plastic

    – organic

    All of those things will burn off completely long before fusing temps.

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    I have seen this reaction before with aerosol spray–specifically when the aerosol was sprayed into a dish (to collect it) and then placed between (spectrum glass) white opal (base) and clear using small drops of hairspray applied with a toothpick. I do not know what brand of hairspray it was. The areas where the hairspray was applied turned brown and hazy. I have also seen hazy spots appear after using white school glue that did not totally dry before firing.

    This has never happened to any peices I have tried using non-aerosol hairspray. All the instructors from whom I have learned have relayed the same suggestion. As far as the exact chemical reaction, I have no idea. Looking at both MSDS, non-aerosol can be found at:


    There are some differences, but I am not a chemist.

    Maybe it has something to do with it being between layers. The original question was about using frit. Maybe enough of the frit liquified first and trapped enough material underneath before it could all burn off. It is hard to know without more detail.

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