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    What do other Glass Artist think about sellers and even Fused Glass Dichroic stuff for sell listing dichroic cabs selling 20 or 30 even 100 1×1″ for $35.00 for Penney’s on the dollar any thought or is this just me going senile help me out here. Thanks for all your answers


    Some people compete on price.  Others compete on quality.

    When I was selling cabochons on eBay I was selling them for $10 – $30 each.  We had no problem selling them because they were unique in design and had a better finish than most of the dichro “blobs” people were selling.

    If you are selling cabs on price you will always have to deal with folks like the seller you mention above.

    Helios Kiln Glass Studio



    In my experience on eBay, you get what you pay for.  Before you buy anything from this seller, look CLOSELY at their feedback ratings and comments.

    There was a seller awhile back that was selling Swarovski beads at dirt cheap prices.  Although they had a 98.8% feedback rating, we found that the seller was padding their feedback ratings with junk.

    They were selling “penny eBooks” on how to become a Power Seller, penny “wallpaper” for your computer, penny recipes.  Then other people would buy the items and they would give each other positive feedback, which distorted their ratings.

    Meanwhile, they weren’t shipping any of the items that they were selling.

    We contacted the all sorts of authorities, but there were jurisdictional problems that allowed them to continue “selling.”  Eventually, we got them shut down.  But eBay threatened ME because I was using the feedback system to warn potential buyers…I had gotten in contact with over 20 other buyers who were scammed…although our total purchases were enough for a felony fraud conviction, each purchase was lower than eBay’s minimum to do anything about it.

    Buyer beware, that’s all!


    As a former eBay perennial plant power seller, let me tell you why I got out. When I started selling on eBay, it was populated with early adopters. The website was alive with positive sellers and buyers with a wonderful espirit d’corp.

    Over the years, the eBay cummunity has changed. Greed is rampant among sellers and buyers. Feedback games are often a plague to ruin a seller’s reputation by competitiors whille many buyers are unrealistically cheap and use their feedback threats to get even more “something for nothing” from sellers.

    IMO, eBay has become a spiritual hell hole and I don’t want to be contaminanted as a seller or buyer. Nor do I want to go through lots of transactions to find the good people who still are on eBay. As an artist, I prefer to support reuptable supliers and use my imagination for supplies I can’t afford. Think about.

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