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    I am disappointed to report a very unfortunate exhange with Delphi, which I think other’s should be made aware of.  It’s the first time in any of my dealings in the class community (for over 30 years) where I felt the company was unfair and unprofessional, and I have ordered from them plenty over the years.

    I recently ordered a fusing mold for a student, who then moved suddenly due to a family emergency before the mold arrived. Since I was “stuck” with the mold I decided to give it a try myself. The mold was made by MDI  #1018G – RUNNING HORSES Tile Mold and was advertised by Delphi as suitable for sheet glass. It failed miserably, making two ugly bumps in the surface of the irid which are not distinguishable as horses, let alone running horses.

    I tried to email my complaint and the support email was returned as a defunct email address.  I then called Delphi and after waiting a long while I was met with several dodges (maybe the problem was that I slumped other things – which came out perfectly- at the same time?  Maybe I should limit the mold’s use for frit work only?)  At long last, the employee went to her supervisor and returned to say they refused to give me any credit at all as it was just over the month return deadline and had been used.  (Would it have been less defective had it returned within a month, and how would anyone know it was defective without using it?)

    I will never order from Delphi in the future and I warn other glass artists that Delphi not only sold a faulty product but then refused to stand by their reputation – unwilling to even offer me any credit.

    It’s not my style to post bad press, but I think it’s only reasonable that a fusing mold, which cost me over $50 before it was delivered, and is absolutely unusable, should be refunded or at the least credited for exchange.  Bad company decision!


    I guess you plan on hitting all the boards with this complaint, en? (LOL!)


    FWIW, I’ve had nothing but good experiences with Delphi. I bought a twin-pack of clear once, and several pieces came broken. They replaced it with new product at no charge and told me to keep the existing one to use as frit.


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    It’s not a slumping mold, it’s a casting mold. To get the detail in that mold you must go hotter than slumping temps. You under fired it. Don’t blame the fact that you didn’t know how to use the mold on Delphi.


    Hi Jolinda,

    Any chance you could post or link to some photos of the mold and your results?

    I don’t mind people using the message board to share constructive feedback for vendors – but some images would help us understand if it is a bad product or decent product being used in a way other than intended.  That might mean Delphi has an opportunity to influence the manufacterer to provide better instructions.

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    Delphi’s return policy clearly states returns must be made within 30 days:

    I’ve ordered from Delphi several times and have had nothing but good experiences.  I even received a broken slumping mold in the mail (mishandled by carrier), and when I told them about it, they immediately sent me a new one free.  As a consumer, it’s important to educate yourself on a vendor’s policies prior to making any purchases so you know what to expect.

    As far as the performance of the fusing mold, did you follow any firing instructions or look on resource pages like what Bullseye glass offers for free to get guidance on what temperature to fire to?  Texture and casting molds have to be fired much higher than slumping molds to get the desired effect.


    I think this is a rare instance because I never had a bad experience dealing with Delphi. I am using some of their products in my art glass works. You can visit my samples here.


    I purchased some bracelet slumping molds from them, and the one I got was way too small…it made a bracelet the size of a napkin ring!  They took it back, no problem.  It’s been awhile, but they were courteous, and went out of their way to correct MY mistake.

    It sounds to me like you got hold of a casting mold also…

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