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    Have recently purchased and used a new Corelite kiln shelf for our Skutt G-1414.  However in following the recommended firing procedure it takes almost 23 hours for a full fuse.

    Their recommended schedule is no more than 200 degrees for heating or cooling per hour with an extended hold time for one hour at 1000 on the way up and one and a half hours on the way down.

    We have tried this schedule several times but it produces small hairline cracks in some areas of the glass.

    Does any one have experance with this shef that can offer suggeststions?

    Thanks, Jim

    Stephen Richard

    It would help to know the size of the piece, its thickness, its relation to the sides of the kiln, the configuration of the kiln and where the elements are, the schedule.  It is also possible there is some incompatibility, but until other variables are eliminated, you cant know.

    Stephen Richard

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    I have also recently purchased a corelite shelf and was wondering about the ramping recommendations.  I typically ramp up at 200 degrees per hour to 1000, but then ramp at 600 to process temp on any given fusing.  Is the recommended 200 dph for the corelite shelf to the1000 degree crytical hold, or is this 200 dph limit for all temps, including process and anneal temps.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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