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    I’m attempting to slump a 6mm glass disc in my new BE Cone mold # 8943. It is 7.4″ x 2.2″ deep. My kiln is a Skutt Firebox 14, top opening. The space from the top of the 6mm disc, after being placed on the mold, is 3″ to the inside of the lid, where the elements sit. There are no side elements. I am still figuring out the art of writing my own schedule, so any help out there would be greatly appreciated. Due to the proximity of the elements, and going by the process temperature giving by Bullseye for this cone mold, I came up with this very, very conservative schedule: 100/1200/30, 200/1225/90, AFAP/900/90, 100/700/60. Am I on the right track? Where does it need adjusting?

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