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    Hello, I am in the process of buying a pottery kiln.  I also create stained glass windows and have found a Rhode top loader TE100MCC that for an extra £200 approx one can buy a lid with filaments in for glass fusion etc.  I thought this could be fun without much extra expense.  However I have now been informed by a shop that one can fuse in any pottery kiln and the lid will make very little difference.  Does anyone have experience of this?  Is he just trying to sell me his kiln without the filaments in the lid?  Has anyone used the Rhode kiln for glass?  Many thanks if you can help.  Kat

    pat k murphy

    Hello – I have a Paragon Janus kiln that is capable of firing either glass or pottery.  Quite by accident (I hit the pottery switch by mistake), I found that I have more flexibility and 20% lower firing costs if I set the kiln on the pottery setting.  I can get consistently good fused results on multiple shelves when it’s on pottery mode.  I can drape/slump on the pottery setting with good results, but have to keep it to a single shelf with lots of space around it.  At this point, I reserve the glass mode for large draped pieces.  Hope this helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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