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    I am pretty new to this and have been getting pretty good results using coe 90 glass but whenever I use coe 96 either it shatters or runs off the kiln paper and sticks to everything………… Am I doing something wrong or is the glass harder to work with?  Any pointers woul be greatly appreciated

    Stephen Richard

    Shattered glass can come from a number of things ranging from advancing the temperture too fast, mixing with incompatible glasses, to insufficient separators.

    Glass running off the area can be from being too hot to being too thick.


    Much more information is required from you to answer adequately.  Give conditions when these things happened.  info on schedules, and on kiln type (side/top/combination elements), etc. would be helpful.

    Stephen Richard

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    I agree with everything in Richard’s response.

    That said, 90 COE and 96 COE glasses don’t behave all that differently.  There are some subtle (and arguable) differences between fusible glass from different manufacturers – but none that would cause the result you describe to happen with one glass and not the other.


    Helios Kiln Glass Studio


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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