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    I am looking for a basic/intermediate fused glass course in Houston.  I’m interested in making larger pieces rather than jewelry.  I’ve taken one beginner course at the Glassell School of Art but they no longer offer it. Not much luck at the Center for Contemporary Craft either (mostly dichro/jewelry courses).

    I am extremely jealous of Austinites who seem to have a big variety of courses to choose from! If anyone knows of a good course here in Houston or one-day courses in Austin, please let me know.




     Hi Caroline,

    We don’t have much in the way of single day classes.  The most important part of most classes is seeing what comes out of the kiln — and having the instructor available to explain/discuss.  That makes one day classes tough.

    We do have a four day “Fused Glass Boot Camp” September 1 – 4 (10 AM – 5 PM) that will cover everything from our beginner, slumping and surface texture class including:

    – Glass fusing basics
    – Firing Schedules
    – Problem solving
    – Slumping
    – Draping
    – Drop Rings
    – Sandblasting
    – Kiln-carving
    – Technique identification (how to look at a piece and determine which techniques were used)

    There will be a good deal more – we are finalizing the syllabus now.

    Part of the thinking behind the class was to meet the needs of those students who want to take a class at Helios but can’t travel in once a week for 4 or 5 weeks.

    The class is $550 (includes all material, firings and lunch). At Helios that means you have access to every color glass and frit that Bullseye makes.

    Enrollment is open now.  If you have questions or want to register (requires 50% deposit) you can call the studio at 512-996-0960.

    Best regards,

    Helios Kiln Glass Studio



    Thanks Paul!


    I highly recommend the trip to Austin for the Helios classes…they are excellent, and the community that’s formed around the studio is a lot of fun.  I’ve been fusing for a few years, and just figured it out on my own (talk about trial and error!).  But since I’ve been hanging out at Helios I’ve stretched the limits of my imagination…being around folks who are on the cutting edge means that you’ll always have inspiration and new techniques to try!  I’ve taken a couple of classes, and people have come in from as far away as Mexico…one lady came in from Norway for a glass casting class (I think her husband was here on business…but it still sounds cool to say that she came from Norway and took a class!)

    In Bryan, which is a little more than an hour’s drive from the Woodlands, is Brazos Glassworks.  I know they were starting to do fusing when I was at A&M.  Their website is  They do basic lessons, and the folks are really nice.  They were just getting started in fusing a few years ago.

    You’ll find most glass studios do primarily stained glass…most are really stained glass studios that “happen” to fuse.  The cool thing about Helios is that it’s ONLY a kiln glass studio (although there is a separate stained glass studio next door).  With that you get a lot of expertise that you won’t find in most glass studios.  Gosh, I sound like I’m on the payroll.  I’m not!

    So if you’re looking in Houston, see if you can find a place that specializes in fusing.  And if not…a road trip to Austin might be in order!

    I think the difference is that a lot of folks are starting to get interested in fusing.  You’ll go to craft shows and see cute night lights and fused glass jewelry, and we all do them.  They’re fun, but there’s so much in the world of glass art…I think the techniques learned at a true kiln glass studio will take your creativity to a completely different level.  It’s worth the time to seek out a studio that will challenge your abilities!

    And if you don’t find that in Houston…c’mon over!  Laughing


    Thanks so much for this info. I took another class from a woman here in Houston who teaches out of her home. It was great and helped me to decide to move forward with buying a kiln. That is going to be my Christmas present to myself. I’ll also check out any one day classes Helios has. Austin seems to be quite the place for fused glass! There is definitely a major void in Houston although I know there are fused glass artists working here.  


    Congratulations on your kiln present!!  Always a wonderful thing!

    I’ve heard that to break it in you’re supposed to bake cookies in it.  I think that would be a full ramp (9999) up to the baking temperature, hold for how-ever-many-minutes, then shut off!  Be careful not to touch the coils with your cookie sheet!

    Keep an eye out for the classes and special events.  Fusing Fridays are a lot of fun and very educational…topics vary, but are always full of new information.

    Merry Christmas to you!



    Hi Caroline,

    I thoroughly enjoyed the fused glass classes I took at the Dancing Light Fused Glass Studio nestled on 20 beautiful acres just north of Huntsville.  Their web site is .  They have a variety of classes and will also customize a class to suit individual needs.  Donna is a talented artist and teacher, very knowledgeable, thorough, organized and generous.  The studio is very well equipped and the view out the windows is so peaceful.   You’ll love the experience!  The Houston to Dallas Glass Fusers meetup group also meet here.




    Thanks Robin. I’ve bought a small kiln since my first post so I am on my way.


    Congrats on the kiln. I started fusing in 2009. I am just north of Houston. I ended up taking classes in Las Vegas at the Glass Craft and Bead Expo. I buy my supplies from Hollander Glass in Houston. They are just starting to embrace fusing. Patty Gray will be teaching a two day class there in September. Not sure if it will be open to everyone or just account holders.


    Is there anyone that teaches classes in the far west?  I live in Phoenix but could travel to California.  I know Peggy Stewart lives here but most of her classes are in Flagstaff but she is very hard to get ahold of.


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