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    I have been getting by using a small kiln for fusing (Paragon SC3) that I initially bought for bead annealing but also to get me a chance to dip my toes into the world of fusing.

    I feel the time has come to go for something bigger.

    I am currently thinking about a Hobbyfuser 3, but have also started looking at Olympic Fuser 14.

    Does anybody have experience of both?

    Also what difference does it being Clamshell or Top Loader make as the Olympic comes in both types

    Also as I tend not to wathc the kiln whilst in use I understand that the Olympics have an Inifinity control for the lid elements and these need watching…Is this true?

    I would like the Hobby fuser but the Olympic 14 does seem to be much better value for money…about £800 cheaper

    Just after some thoughts before I empty my wallet into Paypal




    I have the Olympic square 189GFETLC – which can be opened from the top or clamshell. It’s 18x18x9. When I bought it I thought “I’ll never need a bigger kiln” – now on almost a daily basis I find myself wishing I had a bigger kiln! Not so much to fire a piece bigger than 18” – but to get more in at once! I load from the top and via the clamshell equally. I’d tell you to get as big of a kiln as your space (and wallet) can take.

    I have a Bartlett 1000 controller with a separate lid controller – I set it to high and have never had to watch it.

    Good luck!!


    Thanks for the advice. So am now feeling better about going for an Olympic Kiln but also I do agree with your advice about getting biggest kiln I can get so the 18″ one does sound good for me and Still comes in cheaper that the Hobbyfuser 3

    It appears that the UK spec one only comes as Clamshell or Slider. So Clamshell it will probably be.

    Creative Glass Guild (the UK suppliers) supply it with the RTC-1000 controller and a Shelf/Furniture set as well including Kiln Wash (Not sure if this is something from CGG or from Olypmic)

    Again thanks for your excellent advice

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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