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    I am having a terrible time with my fusing my piece is 10×10 two layers  I have tried different firing scedules including a bubble squeeze but am still getting holes in my glass. I am wondering if because my kiln is small and top heating only that possibly I need a different schedule, would love to hear any ideas!


    Stephen Richard

    I have a Paragon Clamshell 14 and use a basic full fuse program with minimal bubbles and no pin holes. I use Tekta 3mm smooth side down for the top layer and confetti glass smooth side up for the bottom layer. I use Bullseye glass cleaner and no glue to hold the layers. I also use Bullseye Thinfire.

    1. 250 degrees F per hour to 1000, hold 20 minutes.

    2. 600 degrees F per hour to 1480, hold 14 minutes.

    3. AFAP per hour to 900, hold 60 minutes.

    4. 200 degrees F per hour to 700, hold 1 minute.

    This is the schudle that we use at school in a large Cress and seems to work well in the Paragon.

    It’s a starting point.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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