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    Since I started showing some friends my slumped bottles, a few have asked me if I would slump some specialty/souvenir bottles and jars for them. I’m not opposed to doing that, but I really don’t know what to charge for that kind of service.


    My kiln is small. I have one round shelf that is 12” in diameter. I can slump only one large wine bottle or two smaller bottles or jars in a firing. Can anyone give me a ballpark for what would be a fair price for doing this?


    I know that some people try to compute what it costs to run their kiln, but I live in a 3100 sq ft all electric home and I think it would be nearly impossible for me to determine how much electricity my kiln uses.


    Also should I have one price for just slumping the bottle and another price if they ask for decorations to be added, like wire wrapping and beads? Or would that be too confusing?


    Any guidance you can provide will be greatly appreciated!




    Not too difficult to determine the cost of firing your kiln. Here is one of many links that turn up if you “google”:

    As far as decorating goes, if you are doing this because you are a good friend, then charge for supplies (or if you’re feeling generous, don’t charge). If you plan to make this a side business, then you need to charge for kiln time, materials, your time, overhead, etc., and also take into consideration that many people do such things for income, and if you price your items too cheaply, you’ll be undercutting someone who’s trying to pay for supper.


    Dana W.


    Jester’s Baubles Fused Glass Designs



    Thanks for your response. It’s nice to see that my kiln does not use as much electricity as I had thought. I do plan to do this as a side business, so I am taking all the feedback I’m getting here and on other forums to help me make my pricing decisions.

    BTW, I took a lok at your etsy site. Very nice work!



    Thanks for the helpful information Paul.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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