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    Received this from Bullseye – passing it along.  If you are a fan of Dense White (and the cool gray reaction you get with French Vanilla) then this will be a sad day for you Frown

    Discontinued Products   

    In the process of developing new Bullseye products over the past few years, we have rendered several of our old products unnecessary. We are writing to inform you of some discontinuations.

    Bullseye will no longer manufacture standard colors and forms for the following glass styles:

    Dense White (000313)
    This style will be phased out* including:
     • 3mm sheet glass (000313-0030)

     • Thin sheet glass (000313-0050)
     • Frits and powders (000313-0008, 000313-0001, 000313-0002, 000313-0003)

    We recommend White Opaque (000013) as a substitute. White Opaque has a similar appearance and is a denser glass. In our opinion it makes Dense White unnecessary.
    *We will continue to offer Dense White Rod (000313-0576).

    We will discontinue cullet in all colors, except for Clear (001101-0066) and Crystal Clear (001401-0066). Discontinued cullet styles include:
     • Juniper Blue Tint (001806-0066)
     • Grass Green Tint (001807-0066)
     • Aqua Blue Tint (001808-0066)
     • Pale Yellow Tint (001820-0066)
     • Erbium Pink Tint (001821-0066)
     • Coral Orange Tint (001834-0066)
     • Spruce Green (001841-0066)
     • Light Neo-lavender Shift Tint (001842-0066)
     • Rhubarb Pink/Green Shift Tint (001859-0066)

    As substitutes, we recommend our corresponding colors in billet, sheet glass, and frit styles.

    In additionto the glasses above, Bullseye will no longer carry the following three items:
     • Studio Rodz Pack (8506)
     • Small Zetex Gloves (8264)
     • Lamp Bender Sconce Slumping Mold (8741)

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