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    I’m hoping to get started fusing glass for jewelry using a very old, small copper enamel kiln, and it sounds as if I’ll need a shelf before even considering starting out. Unfortunately, my kiln is for small jewelry and is about 4″ across and 2″ tall. I looked online but wasn’t able to find any shelves/stands anywhere near small enough. Is there any hope of finding something to fit?

    I’ll also need something for temperature measurement (pyrometer?) My ancient kiln (circa 1964) is basically an inverted pyrex bowl with a handle that sits on top of the coil. Any suggestions on the best type of thermocouple to buy? Preferably something easy to install and inexpensive.

    If I’m dreaming here and this kiln just won’t work, I guess now’s the time to find out… Thanks for any info.

    Stephen Richard

    You can get a bit of a broken shelf from other kiln workers and cut it to size.  Alternatively, you can use ceramic fibre board, which for this size of kiln would be more than strong enough. the fibre shelf can sit on the floor of the kiln with no difficulty.

    Pyrometers should be available on the interned sales sites.  They are pretty simple, especially if you don’t need a digital read out, but are willing to have an analogue dial.


    Stephen Richard

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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