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    This is a great class scheduled before the
    American Glass Guild conference in Asheville.  Brad promised that the class will be doable for beginners and intriguing for experienced fusers. Our conference hotel rates (Crowne
    Plaza in Asheville $110) are good for the days of this class and it is only a
    ten minute drive, but you need to register for the hotel early as
    it might be sold out later. Registration information for the class and for the
    hotel is available at

    Instructor – Brad Walker
    American Glass Guild

    July 18-20, 2011
    Class cost $400
    Minimum number of students – 6

    Maximum number of students – 12

    This intensive course starts with a
    quick overview of the basics of glass fusing, including kiln and mold
    preparation, glass selection, project design, firing schedules, annealing, and
    compatibility testing. Then it builds on the basics by exploring a cross-section
    of intermediate and advanced techniques, with a focus on creating flat pieces
    appropriate for use in stained glass or two dimensional panels. Topics covered
    will include:
    • Working with powders, frits, and stringers
    o Stringer
    o Basic sifting and manipulation of powders
    o Creating
    components from powder, frit, and stringer
    • Inclusions between layers of
    o Using sheet and leaf metals, including copper, brass, silver, and
    o Air bubble inclusions
    • Working with mica
    • Kiln-carving

    o Using fiber paper and related refractory products
    o Creating textures
    and designs in glass
    • Reactive glass
    o Reactions between glass and
    o Reactions between glass and glass
    Complete firing schedules,
    examples, and instructions will be provided. In addition to creating numerous
    sample tiles to illustrate various techniques, students will also create larger
    projects using their choice of techniques. Glass cutting experience is
    necessary. Familiarity with basic kiln processes is extremely helpful, but is
    not required.

    Brad Walker is founder and owner of, the
    internet’s most extensive website devoted strictly to kiln-forming. He is also
    the author of two books: Contemporary Warm Glass and Contemporary Fused
    Class will be held at:
    Touch of Glass
    421 Haywood
    Asheville, NC 28806-4256

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