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    Marg MacNeil

    I used this spray for the first time to coat my molds. They had been used before so l cleaned them then gave 2 coats of the spray as suggested. The first firing, went to 1440 using a textured mold and it came out great. The second time l used the molds l cleaned using the brush. I did notice that they got shinny when l did that.  Resprayed once per directions, let dry and fired using the same schedule. Took them out today and they have white all over the backs. Anyone have any idea where l went wrong. Didn’t clean them properly or to much or not spray? All help appreciated.




    I used the spary as directed on some new molds and it was a disaster. The glass stuck and the molds broke. I also used it on my KL Board and the glass stuck to that as well. I’m going back to kiln wash. This stuff was expense and didn’t work!  =(


    I’ve had good experiences with the Boron Nitride Spray, but I have always ignored the instructions to spray on a light coat. I give the molds two heavy coats, drying between. I also line the mold with Thin Fire before adding glass. Before the next use, I scrape off as much Boron as I can.

    Laura Inman


    My experience is that it depends upon the brand of spray. MR-97/Zyp works great. I have had problems with using high-temp 1800.

    Also keep in mind that typically when you are using BN on molds, your temps are not that high. The higher in temp you go, the more likely that the glass and whatever it is in contact with are going to “stick” to each other.



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    I have used ZYP/BN spray and generally don’t have any issues. If you add several or heavy spray coats you have to really let it dry in between and after the last coat. I have gotten that white film that is difficult to remove when I have rushed and not let the mold dry properly.

    Jen in Florida

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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