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    Where do you suggest I purchase large amounts of glass/supplies? I could possibly be using a tax ID number in the near future.Delphi? Local shop? I need help asap!


    Online retailers are great for the many people who don’t have a local supplier.

    If you have a local supplier, purchasing glass in person has several advantages:

    – no shipping/packaging fees

    – see the glass before you buy it (especially nice if you are buying a handmade glass like Bullseye)

    – support your local economy and art glass community

    As a studio owner, I cannot emphasize the importance of the last item enough.  Many stained glass studios have gone out of business due to customers buying products online.  That may be the evolution of business (and I buy a lot of stuff online) but for some types of business the real lose is the customer.  Maybe they saved 10% on prices but they gave up a local resource who could

    – answer questions

    – introduce them to new products

    – offer classes in new techniques

    – a gathering and meeting place for a like-minded community

    Buying local isn’t a charitable thing – it is something to do because you will benefit directly.

    Okay, off the soap box…

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    i agree supporting your local business is very important! i am lucky enough to have a shop within 15 minutes of my house. selection can be low though. I need turn out 200 pieces within this month so i need to be cost efficent. It might save me money buying from a large retailerwith a tax id number. but being able to get glass same day could be good’also.  How should i determine how much glass i need for .200 peices


    I don’t have a good local supplier — I have to drive 100 miles to get glass. I have ordered large quantities from D&L art glass (out of Denver). They are fast, efficient, and I get a “local shop” feel from them when I order. Kimberly has been great.




    Jester’s Baubles Fused Glass Designs


    Agreed, if you can do business at a local glass store that is best, but if that isn’t an option, I like to do business with A&A Products out of TX.



    Agree wholeheartedly with Shirley about A&A in Texas. Also in the northeast, TMS Studio gives great sirvice and prices.

    Barry Kaiser

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    Buying local is fine, but here in Australia, the local stores charge 3 times the rate in the USA and it is NOT the freight costs.

    We have to buy direct from the USA, and recommendations?

    i was quoted US$1,300.00 for a a taurus 3 ring saw. US price $350.

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