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    Hi, I’m looking to acquire a free standing flat lap grinder with a grinding surface area of about 18″ and was wondering what the best one is and what experiences others have had on these machines.

    I’m looking at a 24″ water jet design diamond grinder with variable speed option or 18 inch water jet from hisglassworks or a DG-18 diamond lap grinder from denver glass machinery.

    The challenge I’m having is that the grinding and polishing pads are very expensive (so is the grinder) and I am not sure what grit sizes I would need to make the backs of my plates and bowls as smooth as a fire polish. I want to purchase as exact as possible the minimum amount of items I would need to get the results I want.

    Thank you!


    My suggestion is to get a lap grinder where the disks mount to the wheel magneticly rather than the arbor in the middle. The magnetic-mounted disks provide more working surface.

    I have a Glastar B4 with a 120 grit pad, a 400 grit, diamond resin pad, and a felt pad to be used with cerium oxide.

    Dana W.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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