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    I have a used Gryphon c-40 bandsaw.  I got two pieces cut and then the balde started coming off.  I’ve adjusted the tension – tighter, looser, etc and have tried 2 different blades.

    Any hints. tricks, suggestions on how to get the blade to stay on? 





    I have no experience with the Gryphon, but I did buy a used Diamond Laser 3000 XL bandsaw and have essentially unassembled and reassembled it. (I read a review of it on AFTER I bought it, but for the price, it was really hard to pass up.) I bought the guides and a new blade that is supposedly guaranteed for life (we’ll see who lives longer.)

    I also took the saw to a local tinkerer to check that the top and bottom rollers were aligned and could move in sync easily. He took it apart with me, we cleaned it thoroughly (it had been used in a classroom situation),  and we reassembled it, replacing the guides and lubricating parts. We replaced a couple of rubber washers that seemed fine, but since we had the thing apart, it seemed silly not to.

    So far, it is working fine without any problems. I am using it to cut two to three stacked pieces and while I am letting the blade do the work, I’ll sometimes push it a bit too hard and the sound of the machine usually eases back my impatience.

    Are there cracked or worn pieces within the machine? Are the top and bottom rollers aligned properly?

    I hope someone will come along and provide more than generalized ideas for you.





    I have the Gryphon and had the same problem when I first got it.  Really it is all in the adjustment.  That white plastic screw towards the top left of the saw.  But really, that’s the least of your problems.  When I bought my saw I had the same problem.  I tried everything and finally called customer service.  They told me to read the book and hung up.  I have been in touch with customer service a couple of times since with the same sort of “help”.  I have had my saw for 1 year and 2 months and have replaced the top and bottom pulleys 2 times each.  I have bought the “Black Diamond Fusers Blade” 4 times.  They wear out quickly.  One broke.  You have to keep so much water in it you take a bath each time you use it and it goes through the water quickly.  I hate that saw.  I bought it because it was cheap and that’s what I got, a cheap saw.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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