at what temp will martini glass melt?

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    I’m painting a bunch of store-purchased martini glasses for a project and determining which paints to use. I know that I can use pebeo type paints and cook them in my kitchen oven. But what about fusemaster enamels, hanovia lusters etc? I have read that some can be fired at 1050-1080 degrees F. If I take the kiln that high will it melt the glass? Since 1250 is normally the slump temp, I figure not, but I haven’t tried. Also, for both pebeo and the other paints, at what temp should I ramp up? Is there any reason I can’t use my kiln for all the firings instead of the kitchen oven?

    thanks in advance



    Hi Jane –

    Most soda lime glass (Bullseye, Spectrum, window and bottle glass) can bend just north of 1000°F.  The reason we slump at higher temperatures (usually) is that the glass needs to soften more so the weight of the glass is enough to cause it to bend.

    With the exception of Pebeo style, most enamels and paints meant for firing will need to go higher than 1000°F.  The question of if the glass will bend will depend on the shape of the glass, how quickly it softens and just how hot you have to go. For example, a short tumbler can probably go hotter without distorting than a martini glass where a lot of weight is supported by a single stem.

    Make sense?

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