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    I have used pure silver, Sterling silver, copper and stainless steel head pins between glass to make earrings with a lot of success.   I’ve read about Argentium silver and that it’s 92.5% silver and that Germanium is the balance of the alloy.  Does anyone know if Argentium can be used between glass in a kiln?  I’ve read as much as I can find about it and all I DID find was that you have to anneal it at approximately 1085 degrees and I know glass would have to melt at a much higher temp.  I would be buying a heavy gauge(14 to 18) wire and making my own headpins. 




    Janis P.

    Hi, I wrap pendants w/Argentium silver, 21 gauge square, so tried it in fusing (to make bails held between the top and bottom piece)….NO, it doesn’t work!!! It just turns black and melty.  Stick with sterling silver, fine silver, stainless or copper for it to work…


    Hello dee

    Just for clarification, Argentium is 92.5% silver, ~1.2% germanium, and the balance (~6.3%) copper.  Unlike the other metals, germanium tends to expand upon freezing (like ice) and this makes Argentium more difficult in working with materials that contract when they cool.


    OK now that I understand the chemical compound I know that it won’t work in a kiln alone but I may just try it completely encapsulated.  I love a challenge.  Thanks everyone!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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