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    I am firing two pieces of clear 2mm each COE 90 Bullseye with frit and glass beads on top, what do you reckon to this programme that I found on the internet… is it too ‘simple’?

    I only ask because Bullseyes own programme for tack fuse is quite hot and I have had pieces that have been ruined before using it Cry



    1Ramp – 260c    Temp – 535c     Hold – 15min

    2 Ramp – 500C Temp – 742c Hold – 15min

    3 AFAP Temp – 515c Hold – 45min

    4 Ramp – 95C Temp – 425c Hold – 0min

    5 Ramp – 260C   Temp – 150c     Hold – 0min



    Well, I gave it a go anyway but it didn’t even touch the glass! I have tried another firing schedule and will see what that one does…

    Stephen Richard

    You have a problem of not enough volume, as glass works best at 6 to 7 mm thicnkess.  you are working with 4mm.  You dont say what the problem with the results of using the Bullseye schedule may be, so further advice is difficult.  I would do my tack fuses at around 785-790C

    Stephen Richard

    blogs at: http://www.verrier-glass.blogspot.com/ and  http://www.glasstips.blogspot.com/


    Hi Steven,

    Yes, I did leave out that bit didn’t I! I wanted a tack fuse with lots of texture to the top pieces. I used the Bullseye schedule in the past to similar projects but I had devit all the time :(


    Mind you, this time before using a different schedule, I cleaned the glass using a spray window cleaner and not washing up liquid soapy water which I think can leave a residue.


    I have refired the pieces and they have turned out lovely…. except for the copped wire has spalled!! This never happened with other pieces….and some of the ring connectors for the chimes have come out (I’ll make them bigger next time) I have purchased some nichrome wire and use that instead….


    What trials and tribulations we have eh!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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