You shouldn’t ask for


You shouldn’t ask for feedback and then complain when you get it. Since you specifically asked for reasons people don’t use Kaiser Lee Board (KLB) you should have expected some criticism.

Since you made the original comparison to clay molds, why is contrasting the high cost of KLB with the low cost of clay “supercilious” (which I had to look up – it means arrogant).  Both clay and KLB are materials that the artist has to make it into something to be useful. I many cases, KLB is easier to fashion and requires fewer steps to be finished.  But it is also nowhere as capable as clay with regards to potential form.

Also, you say of ceramic molds that “they tend to wear out and break”. I have ceramic slumping molds that have been used weekly (or more often) for over a decade without failure. From my experience, ceramic molds fail when they are poorly made (rare in my experience) or mishandled and misused (more common).  Still, a mishandled ceramic mold is infinitely more durable than mishandled KLB.  If you disagree, try breaking a piece KLB with your bare hands – then try the same thing with bisqueware.

Bottom line for me is that KLB is great stuff for the very limited applications where other, much less expensive materials do not work.  My experience is that those situations are exceedingly rare.

As for moving your post to the “For Sale” forum, I remind you that this was the bulk of your original post:

“We all use Kaiser-Lee board as our material of choice to create molds for our glass.    It is so easy to create molds for various pieces..they can be any size or shape we choose.  They can be reused over and over.  And the various pieces can be re-purposed constantly.    A clay mold has a specific shape and size and can only be used for that.  They tend to wear out and break.”

That’s a plain and simple sales pitch.  This website is fairly unique these days in that we still allow people to post commercial listings for free – but only in the proper place.  Otherwise the valuable discussions get diluted with spam and the community suffers.  So what you see as “unfair” I see as “generous”.

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