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You can use the schedules on this site ( with the following changes:

  • Increase the top temperature by 100° F (55° C) . For example, the schedules on this site recommend full fusing most projects at 1475°  F (800°  C).  For float, you will get simillar results at 1575° F (857° C). For slumping you may not need the full 100° F.
  • Begin your anneal at 1030° F (554° C) – instead of the 960° F in the schedules.
  • Change the mid annealing point (where the rate changes) from 800° F to 900° F (482° C).
  • Finish annealing at 800° F (427° C) instead of the 725° in the schedules.

That should work for most window and bottle glass.



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