yes refire

jim boles

No reason you can’t refire it. It might settle back down, but it will likily have tell-tale marks or thinness. The list of causes are too nummerous IMHO to mess with. The simple solution is not to use kiln wash/primer, and instead use thin fire or other type of fiber paper. I bought a 100 foot role of the stuff 10 years ago and I stil have 50 foot left. You can fire multiples times on 1/8 fiber, then save the scrape for other projects. I often use the scrapes to form heavily decorative textures on the back of the glass. looks absolutely great if you use irid glass on the the fiber.

As you might read elsewhere about the ‘back side’ of projects… celebrate the textural effects by creating your own approach. Using primer on the shelf is boring… besides being troublesome at times.

Jim Boles

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