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Pam B

Pam B

Metal industrial shelving units with wood shelves works great.( they run around $89.00) I split them into 2 and place them side by side instead of stacking them.  On one I have 2 shop light flourescent light fixtures that fit right on top with daylight bulbs. A shelf is placed slightly below the top to hold them.  Plexiglass is on top of the shoplights and a layer of  thin white plastic under.  now I have a 4′ x 4′ light table. LOVE IT  On one side I use the shelves underneath for boxes unfinished panels etc.. On the other wood dowels  through holes drilled in the shelves  hold glass perfectly.  The other unit has a 4 x4′ piece of wood on top with more glass storage and shelves under.  You can adapt this anyway you want by the size of shelving you decide to use

I also have two more single units for equipment with the storage under  and over the space left for my gringers etc.  I got this idea from a friend and love the whole set up



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