Without additional


Without additional information, I can tell you that 1500° for 7 minutes is a little too hot and a little too long for a full fuse jewelry using dichro.  If you fire too hot, your dichro may degrade into a gray haze, and it’s wasted.  I usually use a 1475° for full fuse, and only about 3-4 minutes.  Paul’s schedules are for a two-layer full fuse at 1475° for 10 minutes, but for jewelry I tend to shorten the hold.

Also, are you firing a slab that you’re cutting up into individual pendants?  Or making individual pendants by stacking pieces of glass?

Kilns vary.  But if you’re having problems with your dichro jewelry, it may be that you’re firing hot and long.

More information is helpful!
– Kat

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