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What I have found is if you fire too long the glass sticks to the kiln wash. On all of my firing schedules I constantly keep checking, peeking in, to see if it is at the stage I want it to look. I only do this, of course, as it hits the last ramp temp. If you’re using thins, I almost never have a hold time of the highest temp. Different thicknesses of stacking also makes a difference. And I Always, Always make sure the kiln wash is dry. I usually kiln wash the day before or as I am making a piece to give it at least 24 hours air time to dry. When I first started out, all these temperatures scared me the most. Just relax and its alot easier than it sounds. I have to say, after almost 2 years I have never had a devit piece, so I must be doing something right. I just don’t think its as much chemistry as some folks make it out to be. Don’t be scared, jump right in, the water is great!



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