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Well you might want to reverse engineer it – get all the information about her system and look it up to find out if it will work with glass.  The reason I’m suggesting this is because I just found a boat load of “industrial printing equipment” but I don’t have a clue if it’s what she has.  All of these systems will print color decals for glass and ceramics

I-Mark™ OEM Controller — V84i
Print-A-Mark™ Offset Printing — Model 6112
Print-A-Mark™ Offset Printing — Model 6212
Delta Industrial Services, Inc.

Nautilus Systems, Inc.

I could go on and on but there’s a boat load of equipment that will do the job – what does she have then look up the equipment and see if it will print glass decals.  This is just an idea – most printing companies aren’t going to put the type/brand etc of equipment they use commerically.  For the most part who cares, we care more about what we can use in the home – laser jet etc.

Good luck – I’m sure you figured it would be much easier than this – LOL.


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