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There’s a number of ways to create the strips that can then be woven. If you want a true weave, you can get a stainless steel mold that works well. I’ve seen graphite rods used as well as a ceramic mold or strips of fiber paper. And, of course, you can always simply lay strips of glass on top of each other  which isn’t a true weave, but it can be just as delightful.


The key to making it work is patience and a keen eye on temperature. Slump the strips onto the metal mold, then weave them once they are cool. That’s the fun part– trying to get a combination of colors that works together well. The “weave” is then tack fused. Finally after all that, slump the woven glass.


You might try checking out http://www.glass-fusing-made-easy.com/glass-weaving.html.


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