I am fortunate in being able to visit the Portland Bullseye factory/resource center. I visited on Tuesday 1st June. The place is real quiet with no glass being made. There is still glass in stock & in fact i bought lots. There is no more information other than what we all know. The Cease & Desist order is still in place. Uroboros are working but they too are subject to the ‘metals’ restriction albeit they did not set off the lead monitor at the center of the Cease & Desist order. They use the same additivies so well be no better off in the future. As far as I know they have not started installing ‘baghouse’ filters as Bullseye have. Frankly for the industry to change to Uroboros would be next to impossible. I doubt they would be able to cope & do not have a complete range now Spectrum have gone.

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