two shelf firing


I have a paragon 7 and a paragon GL24TSD. In the little paragon 7 i regularly fire a tack fuse on a shelf beneath a full fuse and a slump beneath a tack fuse.

In the GL24 i can do a slump with a tack fuse by shielding the slump with a kiln shelf above and various shelf props around, and the same with a full and tack fuse. I also have ceramic kilns so have a lot of shelves and shelf supports which helps.

Some of my ceramic pieces are fired for a 3rd time with lustres which require a maturing temp of between 600 to 800C i slow down the firing rate to accommodate the needs of the ceramics and then put them in with the glass at either a slump or drape firing.

With electricity prices getting ever higher we need to be adapting to try to minimise the costs especially for me as i run an art and craft club and am usually firing both glass and ceramic kilns 3 to 4 times a week.

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