Thought I would update. The

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Thought I would update. The shelf is flat. I fire on Thinfire so all the issues caused by other potential bubble forming eliminated.

I am trying a slow fire at the bubble sqeeze range of 300>900, 50>1225 hold for 1 hour. That frankly is a slow as I wish to go, perhaps 11/2 hrs. Then on to full fuse.

I have said to Paragon I will fire on a piece of 1/8 fibre paper then as a final test I have another shelf thats 5/8″ which I will top with vermiculite ensure flatness with the 50>11/2 hr hold. if that doesnot work the kiln goes.

Frankly I have spent weeks & acres of glass trying to solve this instead of producing projects. Unless they can do me a deal of some kind I’m off back to Skutt.

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