Thompson paints



I have to confess that I have only used Thompson enamels a couple of times. When friends or students brought in something that they wanted to try. I use the Glassline products a lot. One reason is that they are made by the Clay Art Center down in Tacoma Wa. and I like to support local companies, when I can. I like then because of the boldness of the color and ease of use. I’ve also used their paper with great success. A product that I have used for years is called Sattelite-Unique glass paint. They come in a whole bunch of colors and have worked well for me. I made a color chart by painting  three stripes of paint on a piece of float glass. Letting that dry then painting two of the stripes a second time then one stripe a third time. So I had one, two and three layers of paint. I then fired the whole thing and posted it on the wall over a printed page that had the colors names on it showing through. I aways do that with frit, the paper, everything so I know what the products look like when fired. Satelite paints are a bit muted and some colors don’t work well when painted thick (reds, big supriise). But I have used them with a lot of success and they are pretty predictable. I also sometimes use a couple of different products together. If the fusing temps are different I just fuse the higher one first and refuse the lower ones second. Hope you find this information useful. Don


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