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First, Patty recommends (at least for her 8×10 mold) that you line the bottom with Papyros or ThinFire. That works really well, though you might feel it is redundant (but it works!).

With the pendant molds, I finally gave up :). (I don’t do a lot of jewelry and I finally decided they weren’t worth the involved process). They seem to always stick for me. One way I have found to get them out is to invert the mold (glass facing down) on a kiln post or two and refire to about… I think about 1000 degrees. The pendants will drop out typically, though a few times I had to get out the high temp gloves and whack the mold on the table to get them to drop out :). This inversion technique would work for the 6″ PG mold, too.

I love Patty’s molds. You do have to be careful after you have coated them with BN, that you do not touch the sides with your fingers or scrap it with the glass. If you place a sheet of paper in there, just cut it ever-so-slightly smaller than the mold and nip the corners so it lies flatly.

Dana  W.

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