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There really is a lot to learn.  I’ve had my kiln since May and I’ve learned so much.  The kiln can be opened but only when it is past the thermal shock temp.  I LOVE having a window in mine.  When opening it to view your work you have to be very careful!!!  You also have to be very careful even with the window.  When I 1st got my kiln I was so fasinated watching my projects transform that I was gazing in the kiln for long periods of time. I was wearing protective glasses, but I was not thinking about protecting my face.  A few days later my face began to dry out drastically. I got a major sunburn from my kiln.  I now wear a welders shield, gloves and a shirt that protects my chest. Because the protective shade  on the welders shield it obscures my vision a bit so I hold a small flash light up to the window to view my work.  Oh, and by the way, watch out for that too, because I’ve already melted one flashlight.

What temp. did you do your first fire at?  For full fuse in my caldera I need to take it to about 1530ºF and hold it for about 5-10 minutes. I then bring it down as fast as possible FULL to 960ºF and hold to for 45min or more. That is based on using Bullseye COE90 standard glass.

Have fun and enjoy the journey!!



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