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There are a number of glues that people use to hold pieces in place to get their work into the kiln. Here are some popular choices:


  • Hairspray (sprayed into a cup)
  • Super Glue (not recommended – can produce small amounts of cyanide gas when fired)
  • Elmer’s white glue (often diluted)
  • Elmers clear school glue (works best near edges where gases produced during firing can escape)
  • Various CMC (carboxymethyl cellulose) based glues. Many glues advertised as “fuser’s glue” are CMC based.  CMC is a food additive.
  • Bullseye Glastac (not CMC-based)


My preference is Glastac. We did careful testing a few years back and Glastac was the ONLY glue that burned off cleanly 100% of the time.

Keep in mind that all these glues burn off before the glass fuses.  I am not aware of any glues that survive to fusing temperatures and will hold pieces in place until then.

Hope this helps,

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