The students can learn to


The students can learn to cut, handle and clean glass, how colour values effect each other,make their own glass cabochons and patterned glass to use in their overall design.

By making small squares and fusing them into cabochons, they can use then in making their own patterned glass. Cut they into rectangles and the finished shape will look like a lozenge.

To make the patterned glass, take a 2mm thick piece of clear or opal and glass tak on the cabochons and stringers, confetti and then tack fuse.

A shallow dish is a great practical idea. Students choose a square of Bullseye COE 90 glass in their preferred colour for the base of their design and then cut the patterned glass they made previously to decorate the entire piece or around the sides. They can add more design with frits and stringers and cabochons at this stage. Once they have finished, put the designed piece ontop of a clear base piece of glass and then tack fuse.

Once tack fused, they can leave them as a coaster or slump them into a mould on another firing.

Hope this makes sense!

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