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The residue is at full fusing.  If I have two sheets of glass that I am fusing together and the bottom sheet is opaque, it seems to have more of a chance to have a kiln wash residue that is very difficult to get off,  It has also happened with transparent glass but not as much. If I am full fusing into a mold with frit sometimes the finished product has small spots where the kiln wash sticks.  I had understood that primo primer was much better than other kiln washes but I am having these issues and am curious what other people are doing to prevent this.  When I have a clean non-primed shelf, I give it 4-5 coats of kiln wash as recommended.  After the inital firing if the shelf is still in good shape I will renew the kiln wash with 1-2 coats as recommended by manufacturer.  I do remove the kiln wash residue when it shows wear and start fresh.

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