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Thanks so much for the help with my problem. I was using system 96 glass in a very gently curved square mold. The preprogrammed rates were 300/hr to 1250 for 15 min. hold, and then hold at 960 for 1 hr. I don’t always check in when it gets close to firing, because often I throw things in the kiln after work, and I’m asleep when it reaches the set temp. I know, not a perfect system, but sometimes the only way I can get things done. I also have my kiln in the garage, and it gets pretty cold out there sometimes, so I wonder if that would have anything to do with my kilns preformance. On a happier note, we did put an extra hole in the mold and fired it again. My husband is a tool and die maker. His theory is glass is pretty much the same as steel in many ways, and he thought is was an issue with the gas escaping. you could see where the original slump had covered the holes, and the rest is history. So he drilled another hole right in the middle of the mold.  I didn’t fire it flat, I just slumped it again. Amazinly enough, it came out ok. I was really surprised as this plate was a series of strips, so I thought for sure that they would have distorted in the refiring process. So my project was actually saved! I guess I am going to have to start firing on my days off, or weekends so that I can keep a better eye on things. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. I appreciate the experience. I’m learning, slowly but surely! :)

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