taurus 3 ring saw and pattern bars


Paul you are right, the saw should not be used for pattern bar. T3 ring saw is a great tool, so  I believed them when they advertised the tool with the super slicer and a thick pattern bar. Then after  I spent the money on slicer blade and super slicer and it was worn out after 10 hours of use, they tell me the saw was not made for this. Also, I did keep the water level up to line and didn’t use any pressure.

What do you recommend for slicing the  pattern bars? Some of those tile saws screech and leave marks on the slice. Gemini recommends Revolution and it is close to $1000. I’m just a hobbyist and was trying pattern bars as something new to do. Thanks Paul. 


PS I thought I had done the research on Taurus 3.

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