stainless steel molds


Thrift stores and garage sales are great places to find stainless steel dishes that can be used as molds. Many of the older stainless pieces are nicer quality than the new stuff. You want the 300 series of stainless…take a magnet with you…if the magnet sticks, you don’t want it. Much of the older stainless will be marked on the backside, sometimes obscure…you will want the pieces marked 18/8.

If you think outside the box, you can find all sorts of stainless steel…in sheet form and dish form, rod form…look in all sorts of stores, armed with your magnet. Like a folded paper towel dispenser I found at a ReStore….it offers a fair amt of sheet stainless in it, that can be disassembled…and it was 5 bucks. At the welding shop they sell thick stainless wire.

Check with your local metal fabricator….many will sell you material at a reasonable price, or if you need something constructed, they can do that too.

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