stainless steel draping mouds


hi, the reason that you have holes in a mould is to allow trapped air to escape and prevent an air pocket forming.

so if you are shaping glass over a mould, called draping and usually a stainless steel mould, then the glass slowly falls but the air can easily escape.

However if you are fusing into a mould, ie slumping then air could get trapped between the mould and the glass and then the holes give this potentially trapped air a chance to escape.

Generally draping moulds are stainless steel and you can utilise lots of charity shop kitchen and cookware for these, cocktail shakers make great floral formers. So don’t always think you have to buy very expensive moulds.

I am lucky and also do ceramics so can also make my own slumping moulds, of course i have a higher firing kiln for this as glass kilns won’t fire high enough for pottery

good luck


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