Stained glass


I’ve fired stained glass in  my kiln. As someone mentioned you have be to concerned with compatiblity issues so I will only fuse peices from the same sheet of glass or I will slump or drape with a single sheet of glass. I’ve slumped over a stainless steel cone and also slumped a single sheet on a plaster candle mold. One thing I’ve noticed is that you have to be concerned with devitrification (sp). You may have to use a over spray to reduce devit or a borax spray.

The picture frame glass that you mention is considered float glass. There are lots of artist that specifically work with float glass as a medium of being green. With float glass you need to identify the tin side of the glass and always face that down. Again sometimes with float you need to be concerned with devitrification. I have been successful using float glass with youghioghney glass. They seem to have the same coe. I’ve also taken a 1/4 in sheet of float glass and slumped it into a mold using fiber paper in the mold to create interesting designs in the glass.

Of course when fusing you need to use fiber paper and when slumping you need to use a mold that has been prepared.

Good luck

Albert H


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