Stained glass is not


Stained glass is not controlled during the manufacturing process like fusible glass is. The haze you see is devitrification (or “devit”). Also, pieces that size need to be held at the top temp for much less time than what you are holding at (surely no more than 30 minutes, if that). The longer you hold any glass at higher temps, the more likely it is to devit.

Do some googling on devit — what it is, what causes it, how to prevent it (including devits sprays to help coat the surface of the glass and prevent devit). Also, you might be able to get away with fusing different colors of stained glass in small pieces, but if you ever decide to “work bigger” you’ll be facing glass compatibility issues. Incompatible glass will crack — either during fire or eventually after it is out of the kiln.Do some googling on glass compatibility (COE).

For more consistent results, you’ll want to buy glass made specifically for fusing and ensure it is the same COE.


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